Antibiotics During Pregnancy

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If you are thinking about taking an antibiotic, then you may need to rethink it. Here, we are going to discuss whether antibiotics during pregnancy are safe or not. Our doctors make over-the-counter antibiotics. If we have a mild fever, cold, or cough, then we don’t think about it twice before popping an antibiotic pill. The question is, can pregnant women also do the same? Taking safe antibiotics during pregnancy is not entirely safe. Let’s check out why it is so and the things to keep in mind before taking them.

During pregnancy, a woman is required to be very careful about what she puts in her body as it will make a direct impact on the baby. Antibiotics are things that do not need to be taken without the recommendation of a doctor. Generally, women are instructed to be careful with the medicine and remedies during pregnancy. Still, there is a rise in the consumption of over-the-counter medications, which results in lots of health-related issues for pregnant women and their growing fetuses.

Why are Antibiotics Not Safe for Pregnant Women?

It is explained that during pregnancy, the placenta will develop in the uterus and be connected with the baby by the umbilical cord, by which a developing fetus gets oxygen, blood, and nutrients. Plants act as the filter, and in some cases, the medicines or antibiotics consumed by the pregnant women will pass through this filter and also have lots of harmful effects on the growth and development of the fetus.

Side Effects of Taking Antibiotics During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the challenging periods of the nine months when the immune system starts acting differently, and it is also exposed to a plethora of infections, which results in the need for antibiotics. Experts advise that not every antibiotic is harmful to the development of the baby and mother, and it is recommended to consult with a specialist before taking any medicine.

Some antibiotics are known for their side effects on the development and growth of the baby, such as slower bone growth and stained teeth, and side effects of antibiotics during pregnancy such as nausea, diarrhea, or bloating.

Another side effects of antibiotics during pregnancy explained by the experts is that in some rare cases, an overdose of antibiotics may lead to the development of antibiotic resistance in the unborn baby. It also makes the bacteria to become resistant to the medicine and make the infection challenging to treat.

Some of the safety measures that Dr. Gupts prescribes that you need to keep in mind while taking any best antibiotics during pregnancy are as follows:

  • Consult with a doctor before consuming any of the medication or antibiotics.
  • Avoid any antibiotics, mainly in the first trimester.
  • All the antibiotics need to be low dosage units advised by the doctor.
  • Minor conditions such as the common cold do not need to be treated with antibiotics, and you have to try some home remedies such as a hot shower, inhaling steam, and also warm water gargles.
safe antibiotics during pregnancy

Pregnancy and Antibiotics: Are They Safe?

The doctor says that you can take some safe topical antibiotics during pregnancy, which depends on the medication itself. Also, like the COVID-19 vaccine, the benefits of taking antibiotics while pregnant may outweigh the potential risks.

It may be unsafe to medically treat the infection during pregnancy as it may become a more severe infection. It is knowing which antibiotics to take and when is an essential part of the equation. As per the general family physician, it is safe to take some antibiotics during pregnancy, but there is a complete list of the appropriate antibiotics for pregnancy, and it can change on the basis of your pregnancy time.

In terms of tracking which antibiotics are safe during pregnancy and which are not, the American College of Clinical Pharmacy follows the Food and Medicine Administration pregnancy category ratings:

  • A: Medicines that, after research on humans, showed no danger to either the fetus or the pregnant woman.
  • B: The medications that don’t show any risk in animal studies but have been tested in human studios and used in the pregnancy when indicated clearly.
  • C: Medications that show some adverse effects in animal studies and don’t have any clear human studies and making these medications which only get used in pregnancy when a better option is not available.
  • D: Medications that show positive evidence of risk in human trials and the risk the pregnant women need to be made fully aware of before taking.
  • X: Mediations that are contraindicated in the pregnancy and may cause a severe risk of fetal abnormalities.

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Is Azithromycin Safe for Pregnant?

There is no evidence to support that pregnant women can use this medicine to cause a negative effect on their offspring. It is only used during pregnancy when indicated clinically, and the benefit of treatment is expected to outweigh the potential risks.

Is Augmentin Safe for Pregnancy?

Augmentin treatment of pregnant women in the usual therapeutic doses is likely to increase the risk of congenital abnormalities in the newborn. The number of cases and the control was quite limited, and studies are required for the final assessment.

Is Amoxicillin Safe for Pregnancy?

Amoxicillin is in the penicillin family of antibiotics, and some of the antibiotics are safe to take while you are pregnant, and others are not. Amoxicillin is mainly considered a pregnancy category B drug by the U.S. Food Administration, which means that it is regarded as the safest one during pregnancy.

Final Verdict

So, finally, we have shared the complete guide about antibiotics during pregnancy. By reading this whole article, it will become apparent to you all which antibiotics are safe during pregnancy and which are not. So, if you are pregnant and don’t know the safest antibiotics, refer to this article to get a detailed overview.

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