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Lauren Mitchell, a specialist in Physiotherapy and Radiology, and also a writer at She has an in-depth understanding of how our bodies work during pregnancy. She writes articles and blogs to help pregnant women understand how physiotherapy and radiology can help them stay healthy during pregnancy. From tips to reduce discomfort to explaining important tests, she's here to make things easy to understand for our readers.
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Important Radiological Procedures in Pregnancy

Introduction During pregnancy, there are a number of health issues that women may have

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Early Fetal Echocardiography

The purpose of early fetal echocardiography, a specialist ultrasound test is to

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Benefits of Physiotherapy for Pregnant Women

Introduction A woman's pregnancy is an amazing time in her life, filled

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5 weeks pregnant ultrasound Emotional Echo

The journey of pregnancy is a profound and awe-inspiring experience for expectant

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Prenatal Wellness Pregnancy Physiotherapy Exercises

Pregnancy is a transformative journey for women, marked by many physiological and

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